A few themes have emerged in conversations with business leaders in the process of transforming their organizations with respect to their go-to-market offering:

· It’s hard to get everyone in the organization aligned and keep them aligned

· The business development team doesn’t get it and seems stuck selling the legacy offerings the way they always have…

As I sit here, trying to distill these insights into concrete problems that can be solved, I am struck by a real world metaphor for transformation happening in front of my eyes. …

If you’re not sure how to best assess the opportunity to create a growth system in your firm, or worse, you’re feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start, consider using my Growth Maturity Matrix as a useful initial step.

What is a Growth Maturity Matrix you ask? See the below four quadrant framework:

The four quadrant Growth Maturity Matrix — www.delage.biz
The four quadrant Growth Maturity Matrix — www.delage.biz
The four quadrant Growth Maturity Matrix.

Two core dimensions that drive this matrix:

The Growth Maturity Matrix is designed to help correlate the impact of having the appropriate level of sales processes that yield consistent and predictable sales success.

The “Y” axis, or vertical axis, is a rating of your firm’s Sales Success on a 5-point scale with 1…

Anyone who’s been around business and sales has likely heard the term “rainmaker”. And just to be safe, here’s my preferred definition courtesy of Urban Dictionary:

A powerful and successful representative or agent who generates a lot of unexpected business.

While this may seem like a positive to many readers, it’s actually NOT what most businesses want. Businesses thrive on predictability, which is why so many businesses have been challenged by COVID-19 over the past several months and “a lot of unexpected business” is by definition unpredictable.

The business leaders that I invest the majority of my time with recognize…

4 kayaks in open water
4 kayaks in open water

Growing a services business, such as an agency, digital studio, or consultancy, is challenging because there’s typically a great deal of effort required just to sell and do the same amount of work as the previous year. In fact, there’s no guarantee that the business will even achieve that milestone.

Another challenge is that the journey to revenue recognition almost always involves more than just the sales person. Whether it’s “solutioning”, “scoping”, and/or “pitching”, most deals require otherwise billable resources to dedicate time to non-billable sales activity. This makes it imperative for these businesses to continually balance their efforts invested…

me working in Beijing, China during a brief trip there

Determining whether your firm is a good candidate for a fractional Chief Growth Officer (“CGO”) requires only a handful of questions.

And it’s worth asking and answering these questions now, to ensure your firm doesn’t miss the boat on this emerging trend. As Wouter Vermeulen, CEO of Vermeulen Group– a talent acquisition and development firm for the tech industry, wrote in Forbesthis past June:

Now, almost overnight, things have changed and the “Great Rehire” is producing an uptick in companies looking at fractional-interim hires — i.e., …

83% of people now consider entertainment as having a vital role in their lives

Have you ever felt like you needed a Netflix fix, you can’t make it through the day without streaming some Cardi B, or you constantly want to answer the Call of Duty? You are not alone. According to new Havas global research, 83 percent of people around the world consider entertainment to be a critical need. Entertainment now plays a meaningful role in our lives, perhaps as vital as health.

The Future of Entertainment

Our research, published in The Future of Entertainment report, consists of a…

Netflix continues to adapt its approach to entertainment — not just with content but also by incorporating intriguing brand integrations within shows such as Stranger Things, a practice that gives branding partners free advertising and Netflix more awareness and merchandising opportunities. But as Netflix grows its global subscriber base amid increased competition and attempts to offset its production costs (and, dare we imagine, someday make a profit), the pressure is mounting to monetize its brand integrations and possibly accept traditional advertising.

Netflix’s Q2 Curse Strikes Again

Within a few short weeks, Netflix has:

  • Lost popular content to competitors. Both Friends

Accenture’s acquisition of creative agency Droga5 created a predictable stream of industry chatter. Most of that chatter has focused on whether Droga5 will retain its creative chops and culture operating inside a consulting behemoth like Accenture whose culture may seem at odds with Droga5’s. Here’s what I think:

Welcome to the Future

The Accenture/Droga5 acquisition is the future, folks. Big consulting firms are hungry to provide stronger and more comprehensive solutions to the C-suite, where they famously have access. And for consulting firms with robust digital offerings — such as Accenture with Accenture Interactive — they want to lock in…

On the surface, Procter & Gamble’s recent acquisition of Walker & Co., Tristan Walker’s health/beauty startup, appears to plug an obvious gap in P&G’s brand portfolio when it comes to authentically catering to the hair and beauty needs of people of color. And while terms of the deal have not been released, one has to ask themselves:

Why does arguably the world’s leading CPG company with 181 years of experience, $66B+ in sales, and success across at least 10 different product categories need to use M&A to grow into a niche of product categories already served versus just developing the…

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