Investors’ Reaction to Macy’s Q3 Earnings Sends Clear Message to all Brands

  • Closing stores and shrinking the size of others.
  • Integrating high-priority digital technologies such as augmented reality, mobile check-out, and virtual reality to make the in-store experience better for customers.

“If you’ve got too much space, it means your brand isn’t resonating. It’s not a real estate problem, it’s a brand problem.”

  • Customer obsessed (brands we cannot imagine living without).
  • Ruthlessly pragmatic (brands we depend on).
  • Distinctively inspired (brands that inspire us).
  • Pervasively innovative (brands that consistently innovate).



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Saul Delage

Saul Delage

I help companies grow (to learn more:, dad of 2 teens, and husband of 1 very patient woman... Additional musings can be found on Twitter @Sauld